About Me

My name’s Jon Yocky. I’m a programmer in the U.S. I’ve seen a whole spectrum of things from the startup-style group, to full-scale Enterprise level. I’ve worked on web-based tech for a good amount of time so I like to classify myself as a ‘web-developer’. I started out on .NET projects with ElasticSearch, and moved into Enterprise development. While working for ‘Enterprise’ level companies, I’ve picked up Angular, I’ve worked with the big CRM machine SalesForce (on the support side, which is always an interesting time), a bunch of mismatched Oracle tech, and on java applet internal websites.

Right now I have 8 years of industry experience, and I’ve firmly established my niche as using web tech and a whole plethora of mismatched tools to help people out, and get stuff done.

Outside of the Professional development environment, my favorite stuff to work on is toy python projects. It’s something of my comfort zone. If you want to see a bunch of mismanaged projects, check out my GitHub.

Other than coding, I have a whole hodgepodge of other interests, which feature here from time to time.


This site is a collection of my own thoughts and opinions. They don’t reflect any official statements from any organizations I may be associated with. Feel free to quote this website (with links please)

Contacting Me

You can email me at yocky@yockyard.com I promise I won’t dump everything into the garbage bin.