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Welcome to the Yockyard!

Every programmer worth their salt needs a website; so I’ve been told by professional developers, bloggers, and so I’ve told people thinking about becoming a programmer! A lot of what I’ve learned from professionals, and a lot of the tricks of the trade are out there on the internet on blogs. I have a few I’ll probably get around to calling out, but it’s finally time to start one up!

So it’s finally here; the Yockyard.

Let’s do the basic questions

What’s a ‘Yockyard’

It’s this website! Much like Mr. Mxyzptlk, and Obi-Wan, and Linux, the name is itself, and that is all. I’m planning to use this website to share ideas, concepts, projects and other stuff you can share on websites.

Who is the ‘Yockyard’

I’m Jon Yocky, and this is my Yockyard! For more info check out my “About page” here

Why is ‘Yockyard’

I think it was Descartes who said “I have a personal blog website, therefore Iam,” so before this I technically didn’t exist according to rigorous prepositional logic. At least that’s how I read it. (/s)

I’ve wanted to make a personal project site for some time now, so here it finally is,

This is a site about me and my existence, which means this site will turn into a bit of a hodgepodge. I’m planning to write on a wide range of topics: both technical and non-technical, professional and amateur, lofty and pedestrian, and especially things I’m personally familiar with and things that I’ve recently learned about. And I’m interested in a lot of different things, not least of which are

  • Programming
  • Coffee
  • Video Games
  • Music (specifically Jazz)
  • TTRPG’s
  • World Building
  • Text Editors
  • Video Editing
  • Public Speaking
  • 3D Graphic design
  • Trivia
  • Batman

If that sounds pretty run of the mill… well then, you can make your own website! Seriously, you can! In fact, the first run of articles will be about setting up this website, so you too can steal my thunder!

This site is not big on features… yet. I don’t have an RSS feed, or podcast, or any other form of media besides this specific site. In the future, that may change: if you have any suggestions… well I’ll have to add a way for you to contact me too.

Where is Yockyard

You’ve already done it!

How is Yockyard

This site is a static site built with Hugo, with a lot of Webpack to fill in the styling, packing and general managment of the assets. It’s hosted on Firebase for fun! I’ll probably have a deep dive article on my setup(s) and how I do what I do since that’s fun to talk about and I’m a sucker for tools, processes, and setups.

When is Yockyard

Hopefully I’ll keep this up for the foreseeable future, and I’ll try to write about new and cool things when I do them.

Who should read the Yockyard

Honestly, I’m not sure. This site is for me, but I hope others can find something interesting here.

I’m really standing on the shoulders of people standing atop giants here; a lot of other bloggers, podcasters, and artists have really inspired me. I also genuinely love sharing info I find with my friends and coworkers. Some of the fondest times I can remember are times when I’ve been personally taught by a master, or when I’ve seen someone really click with a topic that I deeply enjoy.

What do I have to do to use the ‘Yockyard’

Uhh, well you can come to the site and look around.

This content is on the internet, and they’re my thoughts, but maybe you want to use them. All info on this website is going to be roughly CC BY-SA, so feel free to use, reuse, rework, and outright steal my stuff.. as long as your content is also CC BY-SA; keep it shareable! The only caveat would be that ‘JY’ icon, thing at the top and bottom of this site: that’ll be default copyright.

Final Thoughts

It’s good to finally exist. This site has been several weeks in the making, and several years in the procrastinating.